Rooted In Community.
Ready To Serve.

When roots are deeply planted and nurtured in a community, they can grow and expand beyond limitations throughout an entire city and have the potential to serve the world.

Rooted In Community.
Ready To Serve.
When roots are deeply planted and nurtured in a community, they can grow and expand beyond limitations throughout an entire city and have the potential to serve the world.

Meet Elaine Alaniz

I was born in the inner city of Houston, Texas, and raised by my mother in a single-parent household. As the oldest of four children, I had to take up the role of caregiver for my three younger siblings while my mother worked full-time. As the sole breadwinner of our household, she always put food on the table and taught us never to give up regardless of our circumstances. I joined the workforce to support my family and myself at a very young age. As a person with mild dyslexia, it only added more challenges and stresses to get through high school and work a full schedule simultaneously.

However, I was determined to provide for my family and graduate on time. By the Grace of God, I made it to the finish line. I graduated! Navigating life after high school presented other difficulties in the workforce. It was then that I decided that I needed to pursue higher education. I did not know how I would pay for classes, but I enrolled in community college and found ways through programs to pay for my tuition. During that time, I began exploring trade classes with certifications, such as computer programs, that would help step me up for success in the workforce, and eventually, it paid off. The skills I acquired through certifications opened up many doors to jobs that paid more. It also gave me the financial freedom and the means to provide for myself and my family. 

Forward Thinking

Los Angeles is one of the most influential and prominent cities in the world – we are living in the utmost critical moments in history, and it’s time to take action and reclaim our city to make it great again!

The “new normal” for Los Angeles is unacceptable and dream-shattering. Rising crime, out-of-control prices for goods and services, chronic homelessness, education robbed from school-age children, Public Safety officials fired for non-compliance of unconstitutional and unethical mandates, which puts our residents in harm’s way.

I Will Fight For You

It's time to stop the mandates and stand firm with First Responders, businesses and get children back into school. It's time to get rooted and rebuild our communities with policies that make sense.

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All community event photos in this gallery were taken as a citizen during volunteer service, graduation and training. The City of Los Angeles, public servants and any non-profits that may be in appearance in photos are not endorsing the candidate Elaine Alaniz for State Assembly 54th District 2022.


Elaine Alaniz for California State Assembly District 54 2022

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Envision a community so rooted and invested in serving one another. Where neighborhoods are empowered and equipped with access and resources to help our neighbors move towards goals, financial success, education, trade certifications, homeownership, and prosperity. Rethink Public Safety: Where we fund the resources that keep the community safe from violence and harm’s way, where we employ multiple strategies, including youth centers and services to prevent youth and young adults from joining gangs. Imagine how service would increase by working with leadership to restore the morale in the workplace for those in Public Service so that they can continue to serve our community with great pride and the best service. 

 Reimagine a “new” District 54 that’s safer and cleaner. It will take a new kind of leader, who has deep roots in the community yet is an outsider from the political agendas, to bring a new day of hope to our neighborhoods and a new revived vision.

 We need help. We need hope. Most importantly, we need the heart to move us forward towards perseverance and victory. I’m running for California State Assembly District 54 for these reasons, but I can’t do it without you. I need your help and support. We can’t win a “new” District 54 without you. Please consider contributing to my campaign and let’s get to work!